who we are

tellnspread.com is the result of the
meeting between a former recruiter,
Guillaume, and a full-stack
developer, Antoine.

Enjoy your journey on tellnspread.com

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At the beginning, the website should only have been a networking platform, allowing candidates from Tell NP Advisers (www.tell-np.com ) to get in touch with Guillaume’s network through an external platform and to keep his networks’ confidentiality.

After a lot of discussions, diners, and glasses of wine, it became clear to both Guillaume and Antoine that this platform could do much more than just putting a candidate in contact with a hiring manager.

As a former user of many job boards in Europe when he was recruiting for external and internal clients, Guillaume is aware that one of the biggest challenge, when looking for the perfect candidate, is letting the right candidate know that an opening matches his profile. That’s why the spread of tellnspread is so important!

Tellnspread’s team believe that this perfect candidate is reachable through everyone’s network, and that tellnspread.com is the way to make job ads go viral and be seen by THE candidate.

Antoine brings his experience as a software engineer in a couple of tech startups, as well as his knowledge of many new techs which will allow tellnspread to continually evolve and offer a better user experience on the website.